Distribution top - expecting a correction

Divergence has appeared on the short term and long term Stochastics. It warns of a possible correction.
Supporting this possibility is the large step up in volume at $99 without a corresponding increase in price. So we know some distribution is occurring but where is support? There's no supporting volume until the $83 to$81 mark, so this may be the short term target if prices were to breakdown.

Divergence can fail. A weekly close under $96 would give further weight that a correction is under way.

All of CBA's price action since the beginning of 2019 puts the control price at $81.93 (on weekly chart). This is currently marked at $80.26 on the chart idea above
I would say that divergence is going to be invalidated. The price action looks like its in a continuation pattern and the long term Stochastics has remained strong. Theres been some heavy volume in the $105-106 range so a break above $107 would suggest a continuation of the trend is unfolding.