Celsius Network "2021 Entry Of Dreams"- Strong accumulation Zone

As one door closed another one opens.... 2020 turned all of our lives upside down, mine was no exception being one of the most challenging years of my life.

Fortunes were lost and made simultaneously, it was the ultimate test on individual investment thesis's and a litmus test on personal and family life.
Were you in the right asset class or were you exposed?

So here we are in 2021, the crypto markets experienced the inevitable "cool off" after experiencing explosive growth from March 2020 onwards.
Some metrics to put those words into perspective :

  • BTC - 930%
    ETH - 1100% Growth
    CEL - 13,800% Growth

2021 is setting itself up for another explosive year which could potentially eclipse the previous 12 months, entry points will be few and far between, buying when the masses are fearful and your stomach is churning at the volatility will be the only chance to grab significant discounts on the spot price and manage entry risk accordingly.
And honestly.... i will be participating in little to no buy activity post Q1 2021.

Why might you ask....?

With the market in pure price discovery mode and upside impulse moves screaming away from all major moving averages, risk management will be next to impossible to justify. In the wild west of investments, risk management is often forgotten for the hope and dreams of catching the next speculative 10 x move.

So when a clear and evident Q1 power play present itself it peaks my interest significantly, these are few and far between due to the lack of fundamentals backing crypto projects in general.

CEL token is one of those plays, let's dive into some details as to why this one has caught my attention :

Pulling back 35% from its all time high,
Sitting on major support,
Strong confluence with technical indicators,
RSI reset,
Strong OTC buy activity (Myself Included)
Strong 2021 roadmap,
Imminent product releases,
Company Net deposit inflows at all time highs,
T1 exchange and increased liquidity assured for 2021,
Strong marketing push OUTSIDE of crypto to drive user growth,
Diminishing supply (Currently 5.8% remaining on the market)

So the opportunity is clear, a strong Risk Reward ratio for taking a Q1 entry at the $4.50 USD area for CEL token.
But honestly.... Anything under $5 USD is a steal for long term accumulation, remember you can earn 5% on CEL token in the Celsius Network App.

My personal targets for CEL end of 2021 are $50 price point per token, with the amount of assets under management, increased user base and exciting and new products soon to be released. I simply do not see a case where the CEL token does not appreciate.
So let's take an Uber conservative prediction, let's cut it in half and say $25 USD CEL token, this still represents a 5 x opportunity, are you willing to miss out on that?

I also need to take a moment to remind myself, my own targets were eclipsed last year, my start of year prediction of $1 CEL (Price was sub $0.10 at the time) was blown out of the water.
I revised this target to $3 USD in Q4 and this was again blown away as we almost touched $7 USD.

2021 is not about over trading, it is about doubling down on your thesis as to "Why you are here".
Constantly challenge your own "Story"
Focus on yield generating assets, look at the long term as THAT is where the fortunes and life changing gains are made.

Have a great 2021 everyone, please do not take the above as financial advise, do your own research and stay safe through these difficult times.


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