📌What % of crypto projects will survive during this winter ?

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The next victim of recent Crypto's bear market revealed, the Celsius crypto firm plans to file the bankruptcy paperwork “imminently.”

Rumors of Celsius’ insolvency began circulating last month after the crypto lender was forced to halt withdrawals due to “extreme market conditions” on June 13. that has been a while since the whispers of the bankruptcy of the Celsius project has began, now after the bankruptcy of the Luna project, it is now time to announce Celsius!

Still unknown, however, will be the fate of depositors who still have their assets locked up on the lending platform. Neither the company nor its CEO Alex Mashinsky has made any public comments about whether depositors will receive any percentage of their funds back

In the last few years, we have seen projects in the crypto market that grew at once and rapidly and perished at the same speed or earlier. which proved to us that even a large market cap of a coin does not mean it is successful.

Yes, the bear market is really very cruel, only a small percentage of crypto projects will survive and achieve lasting success.

Nolan Bauerle, research director at CoinDesk, says 90% of cryptocurrencies today will not survive a crash in the markets.
and According to coinmarketcap's data there are about 20k different cryptos that Most of them do not survive!
Those that survive will dominate the game and boost returns for early investors.
Maybe this theory is a little pessimistic and maybe it is better to say which ones do not succeed!

But in my opinion, the necessary condition for the success of a crypto startup is to have a strong tokenonomics
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With massive inflation data and dominant recession and the collapse of the Celsius network driving the downward spiral, it seems that only the best strong cryptocurrency projects will survive this bear market. “This is a significant cleanup process as we believe that up to 80% of crypto projects will not survive this period, especially if Bitcoin falls sharply below $20,000 and more importantly stays below this key level for a long time.

In these complex times, we cannot forget the fact that some of these currencies will improve, but the most important thing is that blockchain technology will make a significant difference.

The cryptocurrency space is currently in a bear market, but many believe it is an opportunity for people to innovate.
As CZ, the founder of Binance, said: This bear market is necessary because it provides a wealth of possibilities.

Take it in mind this point, these events are not about blockchain technology, Because blockchain is invented to stay!
Improving the efficiency of companies and as a result will have a very positive effect on the economy in the near future.

Many experts compare the situation of the crypto market with the dotcom bubble of 2000. Did the Internet crash after that?
"The winners are yet to be seen or may not even exist today.
Just like the dot-com bubble in 2000," he added.

remember a token's performance history in the bull market. If a token was already slaughtered back when things were going well, why would we possibly assume that these coins will do any better in a brutal bear market? "If things are looking bad now for a coin, chances are they will only get worse as the financial pressure, social pressure, boredom, and general despair of the bear market increases"

>> So To conclude, The success or failure of a crypto project depends on many factors. Even if a project is very practical and useful and has strong tokenomic, with a small bug and mistake, it may be completely destroyed, especially when the general conditions of the market are bearish, which may easily go bankrupt. Many crypto project may fail within the early years,

although ,a decade has Almost passed since the beginning of the crypto wave ,but I'm still really optimistic about future of crypto market , but If you want to invest in the crypto market don't be in a hurry, as this bear market because it may last for a longer period of time . so during these tough time You can also improve yourself by increasing information and different skills
Whether trade knowledge or other crypto expertise skills !

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