$CEMI pulling the trigger...

NASDAQ:CEMI   Chembio Diagnostics, Inc
100 $5 calls for 7/16, taking a risk here, but have some time...
Comment: PSA, don't play options if you aren't willing to risk the whole position on this one...play commons if you want to try this. I took some profits to set aside as a risk. These options are not that liquid...also, this company may have to raise cash soon so DYOR as well before entering.


100 contracts $5 strike at 0.10 ? do you have which %SL in place or mentally?
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sfhenderson17 option2020
@option2020, I don't, my position is always be willing to lose the entire position on these plays. I am going to decide an amount of time, probably two/three weeks to see if the set up continues. If it get a big move on a day, probably close out half the first day, watch for continuation the following days.
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option2020 sfhenderson17
@sfhenderson17, Thanks Bro. I haven't entered yet. Still holding onto ABNB. Btw, is this one under your radar: MNMD ? ( rumor says it may reach to $100, $200 by 2030 :-))
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@option2020 haven't looked up that Ticker, I'll chart it this week.
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