CELO Volume & price climbing looking for ~5x from current range!

CELO/ CGLD alone is the only one of 6 digital assets promoted as top in class regarding decentralization, scalability & energy cost, by the World Economic Forum to have a total supply Market cap below $10B. The price target of ~$28 would place CELO with a Market Cap just shy of $9B. This would place it in the lower value end of it's fellow WEF tokens, ADA ($66B), XRP ($42B), SOL ($40B), ALGO ($9B), & XLM ($7B). At just a measly $1.75B, it's clear that the new kid on the block has plenty of room for realistic growth over the coming months. Despite limited chart data, there is a clear trend of 'higher highs, higher lows' over the course of CGLD's first year of trading on Coinbase, which are only missing the first 6-7 weeks of CELO's trade data.

The asset has shown resilience, but not gone parabolic like all it's peers thus far in the market. This technicality helps lend to the probability that "it's time will come." Analysis of CELO from every angle I've been able to formulate over the last few months just continues to lend to this asset's EXPLOSIVE "medium-term" (3-6 month) potential! Watch the volume! As long as it keeps growing, price growth will continue to come naturally. Once price starts rocketing, in spite of FALLING volume , that's when you know it's time to get out lads..

Not financial advice of course. Maybe the US will shut down CB & collapse most of CELO's volume . lol....
Comment: It's so curious to me that I half heartedly memed about the volume falling off a cliff & that's exactly what happened. One should never underestimate how much clownery can occur in clown world.