$CGLD LONG - 25% GAIN potential (April 2021)


Getting back to trading more this year. Lots of reward from here on for $CGLD, one of my favorite coins Celo! The Celo org emphasizes the potential social impact for its project to serve underfinanced people around the world and I'm a fan of that. They also have a mobile app called Valora which aims to make their project more accessible to underserved communities in developing countries.

Current price: $4 (would buy between $3.80 and today's price)
TP1: $5 (25% gain)
TP2: $5.6 (40% gain)
SL: $3.80 (~6% loss)

StochRSI is about to turn rapidly and in the massive selloff the past weekend, CELO is holding relatively strong. Blue uptrend support line held very strongly.

I've also noticed that Celo sometimes detaches from other alts when BTC is up, which means that it is a safer hold given BTC dominance is at a short term low at around 53 right now. I'm thinking that BTC dominance will bounce here at least for a week or two, and holding CELO means you negate some of that risk since they are not as negatively correlated as some other top alts. Good luck and give this a like if you enjoyed the idea!
Comment: Major alts once again fell ~10% or more overnight but Celo was relatively unaffected (-2%), which signifies strength, i.e. there's probably a lot more buyers slowly accumulating than sellers at this price point for this coin.
Trade closed: target reached: Wow that was a lot quicker than I expected. Both TPs hit in a pump overnight! More ideas coming soon :)
Comment: New all time high on CELO at ~$6 dollars! Would buy at $5.2 on a pullback.. and then aim for upper channel $7 in the next month or 2.
Comment: feeling a pump coming!