CHPT - My Lotto-Ticket for Christmas

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NYSE:CHPT   ChargePoint Holdings, Inc.
Rule Nr. 1: Take it with a grain of Salt! ;-)

OK, it's probably a Lotto Ticket.
But IMO one with a monstrous chance of 80% if price trades within the Pitchfork. As we now, price has a 80% chance to reach the Center-Line.

So, it's a Lotto Ticket with a good RIsk to Reward.
Nothing more, nothing less.

I'm in CHPT since over 1 year and got clapped.
Ever since I was watching for any sign of a potential recovery. Nothing was showing on my radar.

But now, I see a Volume that reminds me of a "Final Puke". Everyone who was long has to be scared out, before the Whales step in. Whales only buy Food for cheap.

Is it cheap now?
Depends on how you look at CHPT.
Technically, I would say yes.
Fundamentally I would say it's probably crap?

Here's what I get from my fundamental Screener:

"Overall CHPT gets a fundamental rating of 2 out of 10. We evaluated CHPT against 88 industry peers in the Electrical Equipment industry. Both the profitability and financial health of CHPT have multiple concerns. CHPT is valued quite expensive...
....but it does show an excellent growth."

This last bit of the fundamental evaluation tells me, it's not dead yet. And who knows what they have in their back to recover? (SECULATION!!!).

The Mansfield Indicator is clearly showing, that this Stock is way weaker than the S&P500.
BUT - It starts to curl up...

I have no clue what this Analysis is worth it.
But I know what I see in the Volume and the recent Weeks drop.

So, that's it for my Coffee-Ground reading.

I am long the Stock, and I love the thrill it gives me for a cheap Lotto Ticket to a potential 1000% trade §8-)

What ever you do with it, I'm not responsible.
This is no trading advice. You will loose money! Don't follow my Analysis. It's all BS and Coffee-Ground reading with no profound reasoning §8-)

Happy Christmas...oh, it's too soon...
Worst timing ever hahaa...
So, today the flush because of some company leader issues.
No problem - I sell Puts & Calls if possible.

Curious how this will play out over time...

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