Chargepoint Holdings buy

BATS:CHPT   ChargePoint Holdings, Inc.
Hello traders, here is my next IDEA. Chargepoint Holdings. I currently see a major move in the next 4 weeks due to technical indicators and the beginning of the season for the company. Always think about your risk. The entry is currently perfect with an SL 2% below the low price. Also note the candlestick timeline at SL. Good luck
Good start, with a clearly rejekt from the Entryzone.
My Position x5 is RUNNING with 20% PROFIT
Trade closed manually:
Hello investors, update for Chargepoint Holdings. There is currently a possibility that the price will fall slightly below the entry point at USD 1.8. I'm always a fan of taking profits. Suggestion for experienced traders, price rises above 2.08 hold position. If the price is rejected, you can sell with the target of 1.75-1.64. I'm watching the 60 minute candles.

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