This is the Chiliz ( CHZ ) logarithmic channel. Support for this downtrend has been added to the chart. The top channel is a sell area of peaks. I want to add that this is a great project and in looking into it you will find a lot of potential as crypto begins to go mainstream. I don't know if I have come across many projects in the past like Chiliz where they have already established so many partnerships and are so active in their space already. It appears that a majority of the groundwork has already been completed which is great. I consider this project to be a hidden gem, which it really isn't because I am sure most of you already know it, but I am not sure the majority is aware of Chiliz' progress. Chiliz appears to already have a working platform and has already hosted and is serving a customer base.


Crypto market starting to go mainstream from an NFT standpoint, trading standpoint, gaming standpoint, play to earn standing, we can be here all day to discuss the benefits. HUGE upcoming potential as adoption occurs.

Everything in the world is at a standstill because of the effects of COVID. The entire world came to a halt from all development aspects. Chiliz main area is sports and entertainment, and as we all know this is an area that has been deeply impacted because of COVID.

We are now also in the middle of a catastrophe between Russia, Ukraine, NATO, and USA which is effecting markets in the entire world.

Because of a lot of reasons which again would take all day to cover, inflations is also through the roof and the entire world is uneasy about it.


Given all the considerations at this moment in time we have a market that has been effected and a market that has a LOT of growing and recognition potential as things start to come back and as the world gets back on track. I see Chiliz as a great long term hold especially as progress on projects like these is floating under the radar and will most likely gain a lot of attention as the world starts to get back to normal. Sports and Entertainment are a huge part of our lives, and if they are not in your own personal life, trust me they are to the next person. This leaves HUGE potential for projects like Chiliz to thrive in.

PS This is NOT financial advice. Please do your own research.

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