CHZ, Buy and kill your deposit. Our deal is closed

We bought this type of junk, like many other altcoins, around the New Year. It was the best time to buy Altcoins.
But now the right time to close the Altcoin positions, they have already given a possible profit.

A lot of people want to buy Altcoins now since altcoins are growing. But the problem is they have already grown up. And maybe they will grow up a little more, but there is a great risk that they will fall.
We don't like to risk our money, we love to earn them. Please pay special attention to the risk/reward ratio and do not risk your money if it is not worth it, it is dangerous to do so now.

If we said that it is better not to buy an Altcoin, it is only because the risk is higher than the profit you can earn.
And of course, you may or may not be lucky. This is called gambling, not trading.
Comment: The price has dropped by 50%. Why is it that every time this happens it is always so "unexpected" for new traders who buy an overheated asset with all their money?

the conclusions you can draw
1) don't buy altcoins for more than a few percent of your capital
2) buy a dozen different altcoins at once
3) don't trade on news and emotions
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CHZ has tons of potential for growth, contracts with the UFC and American sports teams next!
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pennygene edwinbona
@edwinbona, oops, the price has dropped 50 percent since our idea was published. just like we said.
And what about the great upside potential you talked about? What about the UFC contracts?

If you trade on news and emotions, you always lose. It's an axiom of the market.
If you have capital, reconsider your approach to trading decisions.
edwinbona pennygene
@pennygene, it's not emotion, I'm holding because it has a lot of potential. A small dip in crypto isn't a big deal. It's normal
pennygene edwinbona
@edwinbona, If you hold an asset and you don't know when to sell it, you don't know based on what indicators you bought it, you just 'froze' your money in this asset, this is called emotion in trading. Otherwise, your strategy and technical analysis would have answered all the questions above.

Your approach can only be justified if we are talking about 'freezing' a few percent of your capital in that asset. If you have used more than 5 percent of your capital in this trade and don't know under what circumstances to exit the trade and what to expect from the asset, this is not about trading.

But in any case, I wish you good luck, I hope your approach will meet your expectations.
edwinbona pennygene
@pennygene, that makes sense. I wasn't so much trading this asset as I am just investing in it long term.

Definitely would be smart to sell if trading, so I agree with you there!
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pennygene edwinbona
@edwinbona, I'm glad you agree. If you think a certain coin is a promising asset, and if you are engaged in long-term investing, then try to buy this asset once in a certain period, and buy it for the same amount of money. (For example, once a month for $200 each time) In the long run, this approach shows better results than choosing an entry point. In this way, you will average the purchase price of the asset. This is a simple but very effective strategy.
The casino has opnened ! Let's gambleeee!
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pennygene domein30
@domein30, And obviously those who made long positions this time lost 50% in this casino.
You stupid af to think altcoins szn finished or have little bit more! This is the new world we’re talking about and you are saying it’s finished you are an idiot if you think like this!
You need to have a vision not to have s negativity to protect your dumb ass brains from not making money
pennygene Abuxjamal
Besides drawing conclusions about you personally and your rudeness, I can also draw many conclusions about your trading strategy. (If you can call it that.)

1) If you are willing to take that much risk, it means you have no capital. Successful traders with a lot of capital don't risk for the sake of a fictitious percentage of trades on shitcoins

2) Go further, if you do not have enough capital, you can not confirm your words with actions (that is, you can not buy the shitcoins for a significant amount of money and make the fabulous interest you're talking about).

3) If you can't back up your investment ideas with investments, then you're just an evil weirdo from the internet who, for some unknown reason, is not happy with our trading decisions.

You talk about the new world, but you don't know what you're talking about. You're just emotionally screaming about something you don't understand. If you had more capital, you would understand our decision. Obviously, you don't.
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