Crude Oil 20 Yr Crash Cycle Low Targets

NYMEX:CL1!   Light Crude Oil Futures
4775 22 32
Crude oil             is rapidly approaching two major levels of interest. There is blood in the streets now and this is the time we look for opportunity. This is a risky play and will need expert risk management.

Two levels to watch. 1st is the key level at 48.13 which should stall price and allow it to consolidate some on this last leg of the drop before having the ability to drop further.

Next is 37.96 which should be the ultimate low if it can break through 48.13 we should slam into 40 & pierce it just crush all stops & margin call out any knife catchers and long bag holders and hit 37.96. Should this happen I would see that as a potential longer term bottom and end to this blood shed in crude.
OPEC to continue selling on strength

Indeed, great analysis.
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Kaz, what stocks, ETFs, etc would you be looking to go long on should under $38 hit?
One of the key players I am watching when this happens will be $XOM. As they are the the most cash flush oil player out there. When we reach that level many of the weaker players like SDRL $RIG $NBR and various other companies in the $OSX will be ripe for acquisition as they will be insolvent and unable to obtain credit with the devaluation of their oil property. Cut off from money this should resemble the end of the housing crisis in 2008-09 where many of the weaker banks were gobbled up by the JP Morgans and Goldmans.
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If you would like to play directly on crude price with leverage you could choose the Uwti 3 times bull ETF
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Kazonomics PRO WallStScalper
I trade it directly in the $CL and $QM those are close to 1000x
PaulA wacked
I like COP (Conoco).
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