3rd Crude oil supercycle

NYMEX:CL1!   Light Crude Oil Futures
Hello everyone! In this idea, I would like to summarize some market cycles, from a lot of ideas, published on tradingview and my research and predict some market directions for next few months. First of all, i would like to execuse for my English, because it is not native for me.
First of all, at 11/02/2016 market is finished it`s second corretive supercycle (2771 days long), and began new impulse Supercycle.
Now we are at the middle of wave 1 of this Supercycle.
In case of OPEC`s cut, (80% chance) price will go up till 60 mark (+- 2) (there Fibo retrace 0.61 (from 9.80 (low of 1986) to 147.75 (high of 2008)) and 0.38 Fibo channel and potentialy 200 weekly MA will intersect. It will be approx at 1Q 2017. Also, at that point, price will collide with downward fibochannel form 107 to 26 (i will show you later)
After this mark, U.S. oil             rig count will begin to rise, media will give an information about increasing rigs and etc. and market will begin corrective wave 2. This wave will go until 35-40 mark in 2018-2019.
At this time, will begin to affect the lack of investment in the industry, and we will see giant rally on to wave 3 till 100 and above by the year 2022-2023