Clam. Probably a long play sometime this month. July 2018

Clams is looking like it could be a long in the near future. This is on Poloniex and you can play it on margin. It looks to have bottomed out and is making the first signs of waking up. Late last month you can see someone sold a bunch of it, well it was only $120,000 and you can see the kind of impact that kind of cash has on this coin. Looking at the volume on polo there is less than 1BTC trading at the time of this post.

I am thinking set alerts for it to hit the 50% fib at around 0.0004 btc . Look for it to start to turn there on smaller time-frames and buy some. A conservative target would be 0.00056 which is a 40% rise and if you have it with margin you are looking at 100% +

Should it start to move more people would notice and the volume would increase, if now there is only 1btc trading it, imagine it with 10. That would be a 1000% increase and surley would have positive effects on the price. So yeah add it to your watchlist, set alarms and look to get in on this should it start to move.

As with everything it depends on BTC price, should that take another dive everything else will too so be prepared to sell if that happens even take a loss you dont want to get stuck in some shitcoin for months waiting to breakeven.

Looking at the daily chart you can get some idea of targets to go for.

That huge 400% target does not seem so far fetched if you look at it on the weekly chart.

A look vs USD to give you a sense of prices.