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About Clikia Corp.
Clikia Corp. Stock: CLKA is an emerging leader in the global custom luxury goods marketplace.
The Next Big Name In Luxury Retail
In April 2020, our company experienced a change in control, pursuant to which Mr. Anil Idnani became our controlling shareholder and sole officer and director. Following such change-in-control transaction, in May 2020, we acquired all of the assets, including the going business, of Maison Luxe, LLC, a Delaware limited liability. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Maison Luxe, Inc. , a Wyoming corporation, now owns the acquired assets and operates the acquired business of Maison Luxe, LLC. Currently, this constitutes the entirety of our company’s business operations. Our company’s newly elected sole officer and director, Mr. Anil Idnani, founded the recently acquired Maison Luxe business with the vision of offering highly desired luxury retail consumer items that are responsibly sourced and affordable to the end customer. Because of the dynamics and structure with the luxury retail industry, customers who desire luxury items are unable to avail themselves of such items, due to the unreliable nature of sellers and exorbitant prices. It is this void in the marketplace that Mr. Idnani identified as a business opportunity and established Maison Luxe to provide customers with the experience of purchasing luxury items as a standard. The business known as “Maison Luxe” was founded in January 2020, with the vision of becoming an industry leader in luxury retail. MaisonLuxe focuses its efforts primarily within the fine time pieces and jewelry segments both on a wholesale and B2C (business-to-consumer) basis.
Clikia Corp (STOCK:CLKA) Pivoting & Profiting
Clikia is undergoing a comprehensive pivot into a new marketplace presenting a new strategic vision, fueled by new leadership and a new thesis for driving shareholder value. This new strategic vision is unexplored territory to Clikia Corp and its stakeholders. But it is not new to the Company’s new leadership or the network that leadership has at hand.
We are already harnessing a robust network and extensive experiential assets that come with the bargain in this transition – including a great deal of experience centered in the rare custom luxury goods market. It is a peculiar niche business context with its own rules governing a unique microeconomic landscape.

For example, in the rare custom luxury goods market, traditional supply chains are irrelevant or nonexistent. Luxury purchases happen almost exclusively by appointment through networks inaccessible by normal channels of commerce. People willing to spend $50K on a watch cannot accomplish that transaction on The watch they want isn’t a click away. It is a relationship away.
As a consequence, the rare custom luxury goods market is actually more resistant to economic cyclicality because the top 0.01% on the global wealth scale generally do not have consumer patterns impacted by the unemployment rate or changes in energy prices. The limiting factor is not demand, but supply.
Hence, the limiting factor for a company in this market space, such as our subsidiary, Maison Luxe, is our ability to produce a consumable supply of extremely high-end luxury goods for those who wish to purchase them and have access to the means to do so, as well as our ability to be the recipient of that interest when it arises. In both cases, we bring to the table network assets that suggest a promising outlook.
Our initial focus has been in the rare custom luxury watch and jewelry market, where we have a pre-built foundation of strong sourcing relationships, which has allowed us to amass very strong topline growth so far in 2020.
As we will confirm, CLKA has already seen seven-figure revenues so far this year, which represents an enormous expansion in sales over the Company’s prior model. And we expect that figure to grow, especially as the global economy reopens.
We have enormous room for growth in terms of both topline performance and margins. As we gain greater purchasing power to acquire goods in volume , we will expand our positioning and network of relationships and simultaneously lower our cost-of-goods-sold, widening margins in everything we do.
We have a number of exciting catalysts in gestation right now, including new wholesale duty-free supplier relationships, additional funding to augment our inventory of luxury goods, data affirming our continued topline growth this summer, and the initial steps toward potential expansion into new luxury goods categories and geographic end markets.

To that end, we have committed ourselves to the task of getting our message out to our current and prospective shareholders and to the public at large with complete transparency.
Clikia Corp (STOCK: CLKA) Establishes Amani Jewelers Subsidiary to Leverage Strong Relationships and Capitalize on the Rapidly Growing Lab-Grown Diamond
Clikia Corp (STOCK: CLKA) has formed a new wholly owned subsidiary, Amani Jeweler, to pursue growth and value creation in the rapidly growing lab-grown diamond marketplace.
Amani has already engaged overseas suppliers to provide samples for chemical vapor deposition lab-grown diamonds (“CVD diamonds”) along with ready-made jewelry. Once those samples have been received by the Company, Amani will make a determination and place a bulk wholesale supply purchase order with a supplier based on that evaluation.
Anil Idnani, CEO of Clikia, commented, “We have strong relationships with several top tier suppliers in the CVD diamond space overseas based on prior dealings, and we believe we will have very advantageous terms on bulk supplies for resale in tennis bracelets, earrings, bands, engagement rings, or anything else that requires big stones. This move will help Clikia begin its expansion into other product categories to significantly raise our total addressable market ceiling.”
Management notes that, once the order is received in the US, the Company plans to market and sell CVD diamond products on its online platform, which is under development. The Company has acquired the domain as well as the associated Instagram handle to market and sell its CVD diamond products
According to, the global lab grown diamond market is expected to flourish at a significant CAGR of 7.4% over coming years, growing into a $27.6 billion market in annual sales by the end of 2023.
High Demand for Synthetic Diamonds in Jewelry Industry
Increasing popularity and demand for synthetic diamond jewelries from price sensitive consumers is expected to drive the growth of the lab grown (synthetic) diamond market. Further, factors such as large scale availability, introduction of colored synthetic diamonds which can be used as gems in jewelry industry and similar appearance of lab grown diamonds as natural diamonds are some of the major growth drivers of lab grown diamonds.
Increasing Adoption of Lab Grown Diamond in End-Use Industries
Massive adoption and wide scale application of lab grown diamond in various end use industries such as electronics and others is one of the key growth drivers of global lab grown diamond market. Additionally, technological advancement in electronic industry is resulting in increased adoption of lab grown diamonds for conductors and wafer substrates due to its cost effectiveness and huge availability. These factors are anticipated to intensify the growth of the lab grown diamond market.
Strong Sales Numbers Paint a Bullish Outlook For Clikia Corp. (STOCK: CLKA)
Clikia Corp. Announces Multiple Large Purchase Orders Through Luxury Travel Retail Partner
The Company recently updated shareholders on sales activity related to the recent partnership between the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Maison Luxe, and Signet International Group (“Signet”) (, a leading player in marketing and distributing luxury branded products to the cruise ship travel retail industry.
The Company recently completed and shipped an order related to this partnership for one thousand (1,000) luxury timepieces. It has already received another purchase order related to the partnership for another one thousand (1,000) luxury timepieces.
The Company anticipates continued and expanding demand through the channel of its partnership with Signet, and considers the luxury travel retail market to be a promising core long-term facet of its overall strategy in the rare custom luxury goods marketplace.
“While strong sales through this partnership represents only a small fraction of our overall revenue picture for the year, the addition of this channel into the luxury retail space has been, and looks set to continue to be, a big success,” commented Anil Idnani, CEO of Clikia and Founder of Maison Luxe. “Travel retail is a much bigger market opportunity than most people probably understand. Analysts put it above $100 billion in annual sales over coming years. Our target here is the luxury goods piece of that market. And Signet offers an avenue to capitalize on that growth opportunity.”
Clikia Corp (STOCK:CLKA) Subsidiary Maison Luxe Sees Blockbuster Q1. (1.4 Million In Sales)
Clikia Corp. Releases Core Q1 Performance Data for Maison Luxe Subsidiary, with $1.4M in Sales of Rare Luxury Goods
During the three months ended March 31, Maison Luxe booked total revenues of $1,390,725. On a gross basis, the Company saw profits during the quarter of $69,010, with net income (after fees, charges, and basic supplies) of $65,268.The Company also finished the quarter with total assets above $320K, mostly driven by accounts receivable and a limited strategic inventory of luxury goods on hand for future distribution.Anil Idnani, Clikia CEO and Founder of Maison Luxe, commented, “Q1 trends were strong. And we see continued strong growth ahead during the second half of the year. As recently announced, we are gaining traction with duty-free distributors and improving our market positioning and asset productivity with the establishment of a larger strategic inventory. We are also working on expansion through product category and geographic steps, and we look forward to providing further details on those themes in coming communications.”
Clikia Corp. (STOCK:CLKA) Filling An Important Need
Clikia Corp. Announces Luxury Goods Distribution Deal with AK and USVI Duty-Free Outlets, Initial $300k+ in Related Sales
The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Maison Luxe, has forged relationships with four (4) individual duty-free sellers, which have already made aggregate purchases in excess of $300,000 in custom luxury timepieces from the Company. These are ongoing distribution relationships.
The sellers are located in duty-free ports in Alaska, the US Virgin Islands, and Colorado. The Company is currently in talks to expand both in terms of volume of timepieces and in product category, to include fine jewelry. Management believes the establishment of additional funding will allow the Company to expand its own inventory and widen margins through volume sourcing, where possible. This will open up access to additional duty-free sellers in ports where the Company has already established relationships and a reputation for credibility, quality, and reliability.
“The idea is to grow a brand that sources retail markets with responsibly sourced and priced watches,” remarked Anil Idnani, CEO of Clikia and Founder of Maison Luxe. “That’s typically nearly impossible to find. This is now more the case than ever due to a supply shock as factories shut down or halt production of luxury goods. However, demand hasn’t dropped at all this year despite the health crisis and resulting economic turbulence. The result is rising prices on inventory we have in-house.”
According to Statista, in 2018, the global duty-free and travel retail sales market did approximately $76 billion in total sales. That number is expected to grow to more than $125 billion by 2023.

As discussed above, the Company has already booked over $300,000 in sales from these relationships, which represents just a small fraction of the Company’s overall sales so far in 2020. But management anticipates continued and growing orders and sales through this network of relationships, as well as the establishment of additional distribution relationships, during the second half of the year.

The Bullish Case For Clikia Corp. (STOCK:CLKA)
Substantial Market Opportunity
According to Statista, in 2018, the global duty-free and travel retail sales market did approximately $76 billion in total sales. That number is expected to grow to more than $125 billion by 2023.
According to, the global lab grown diamond market is expected to flourish at a significant CAGR of 7.4% over coming years, growing into a $27.6 billion market in annual sales by the end of 2023.
Subsidiary Maison Luxe Sees Blockbuster Q1. (1.4 Million In Sales)
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The Bottom Line:
CLKA has already seen seven-figure revenues so far this year, which represents an enormous expansion in sales over the Company’s prior model. And we expect that figure to grow, especially as the global economy reopens.
We are anticipating a huge move CLKA this week, and suggest that you add it to your watchlist and consider building a position.
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