CLPS Accummulaton & Breakout

NASDAQ:CLPS   CLPS Incorporation
The stock has been channeling in the 5-5.25 area for a while and has kept it's slow trajectory upward. Price movement suggest accumulation before expansion; a BB study will show that they are contracting tighter and tighter.

There was a recent offering closed and completed, priced at $6/share. Recent large scale orders showing positive money flow has been observed, with the price stable with relatively low volume . Short interest as of March 15 was 142,761 with the average daily share volume of 3,473,798. That's an increase of 614% over the previous month of February. The float is 5,620,000,

What does this mean?

It means any good news will send this low float monster on a rocket ship to the Tendytown. On it's own, the stock is seriously undervalued. It should be trading for at least 7-8 a share purely on valuation (major digital payment partner based in California, I suspect SQ ).

Blockchain fintech will also move higher with BTC , and is rumored to be working on NFT news. Excellent buy in opportunity at the accumulation times.