CLSK - long, medium,short-term plans. Technical and fundamental

BATS:CLSK   CleanSpark, Inc.
Hello, friends! Shark here, and today we’ll be looking at the technical and fundamental analysis of the mining company stock CLSK. We will cover long-term, medium-term, and short-term plans.

Technical Analysis

Long-term Trading Plan (pink), timeframe 1 month:
Global resistance level: $40
Global support level: $1.74 (established in 2023)
Channel width: 2198%
Accumulation period: 3300 days
Note that the lows on the monthly timeframe are rising while the highs are falling, indicating an accumulation phase. Once the price breaks the global descending line, an active participation phase may begin, potentially leading to significant growth.

Medium-term Trading Plan (blue), timeframe 1 week:
Support level: $14.78
Resistance level: $23.45
Trading range: 58%
Currently, there is no clear direction, and the price moves between support and resistance, indicating an accumulation phase. The price is above the ascending trend line, pointing to a pronounced local uptrend. Consider buying at the levels indicated on the weekly timeframe.

Short-term Trading Plan (yellow), timeframe 1 day:
Resistance level: $18.32 (from daily timeframe)
Support level: $14.78 (from weekly timeframe)
The chart shows a local ascending trend line (yellow). The price has broken through resistance and is now in the middle of the channel.
Consider two scenarios:

Trading Scenario: Buy at the support level of $14.78 with a subsequent rise to the resistance level at $23.45. The potential movement is 50%.
Breakdown Scenario: If the support level of $14.78 breaks, the price may drop to $10.54 (from the daily timeframe), followed by growth to the global level of $40. In this case, the growth potential is about 400%.
Fundamental Analysis

Company Description:
CleanSpark, Inc. (CLSK) is an American company specializing in the development and implementation of energy efficiency and energy management solutions, as well as cryptocurrency mining. The company offers various software and hardware products to optimize energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Factors Influencing CLSK Stock Growth:

Increase in Cryptocurrency Prices: As a mining company, CleanSpark is directly affected by cryptocurrency prices, especially Bitcoin. An increase in Bitcoin’s value can significantly enhance the profitability of mining operations, boosting CLSK’s stock price.

Technological Innovations and Expansion of Mining Capacity: CleanSpark is actively investing in upgrading and expanding its mining farms. The introduction of more efficient mining rigs and increased overall capacity can contribute to higher revenues.

Energy Projects and Partnerships: The company develops energy management solutions to reduce electricity costs and improve environmental sustainability. Partnerships and contracts in this field can significantly impact the company’s financial performance.

Regulatory Changes: The introduction or modification of laws and regulations related to cryptocurrencies and the energy sector can positively or negatively affect CleanSpark’s operations. Positive regulatory changes can stimulate stock growth.

Financial Results and Reports: The publication of quarterly and annual financial reports with results exceeding analysts’ expectations can drive stock price growth.

Historical Events Affecting CLSK Stock:

Investments in Cryptocurrency Mining (2020-2021): In late 2020 and early 2021, CleanSpark invested heavily in cryptocurrency mining, leading to a significant increase in revenues and attracting investor attention, driving stock growth.

Acquisitions and Expansions (2021): The company acquired several mining farms and expanded its capacity, positively impacting its financial performance and boosting stock prices.

Financial Reports (2020-2022): The release of positive financial reports and exceeding analyst forecasts also contributed to stock price growth.


CleanSpark stock has growth potential due to its activity in cryptocurrency mining, technological innovations, energy projects, and positive financial results. However, investors should be aware of the risks associated with cryptocurrency market volatility and potential regulatory changes.

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