Centene, I was neglecting you but now I see you in your splendor

NYSE:CNC   Centene Corporation
The algorithmic advisor Market Miracle is suggesting for some days a LONG entry on the title CENTENE $CNC

The company that is basically a Healthcare is in charge of the US-wide care of patients with and without health coverage.

The signals that I have been provided on Centene these days did not have a particularly explosive aspect for which for my fault they have been neglected but analyzing the company more from the fundamentals it emerges that Centene is really in excellent health and ripe for a possible growth slow but steady for a long time.

In fact, according to some sites that I use as a reference to find data on companies is far below its fair value, has no particular alerts if not a debt situation in which the covid has contributed a lot but hopefully over time should be reduced.

From a graphic point of view we are already at the peak and between an overbought and the other always manages to climb a step higher than the index of its strength.

Analyzing Miracle Viewer, the indicator that tries to identify the positions of the big players of marked, we see that they are returning investments by the institutions so the title could accelerate its rise.

From a graphical point of view in the very short I expect a climb like the one described in the chart but I imagine there will be new and future updates very soon.

I will take a position on the title as soon as possible.

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Analysis based on the signals of Marketmiracle advisor.

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