$CODI - Been waiting for this long and it's here!

NYSE:CODI   D/B/A Compass Diversified Holdings Shares of Beneficial Interest
CODI - Compass Diversified Holdings

CODI acts very similar to Berkshire Hathaway in how they pick and manage companies. This has been on my radar since high $17 range in late 2017. I'm really comfortable with this entry although I wished I could've picked them up earlier. I am, however, comfortable with my entry at 15.55 (500 shares) since we are back above major support levels. This play pays out an annual 8.5% dividend so I'll be holding this for a long time.

My entry of 500 shares was at $15.55 today, February 12th, 2019. More info at
Comment: CODI released news this morning announcing the sale of Manitoba Harvest to Tilray ( TLRY ). This has pushed CODI up nearly 9% in pre-market this morning and created a nearly 10% profit buffer from our entry price.

We can now confidently hold this stock for years to come as we have a solid entry price and a nice 8.5% dividend on top of that. Congrats longs.