Coinbase graphical and fundamental analysis (COIN)

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NASDAQ:COIN   Coinbase Global, Inc
1. Graphical Analysis

Since listing on the stock exchange, the stock has had a maximum depreciation of 90%, reached on May 12, 2022.
If the downtrend continues, the $40 support will be retested and in the worst case the price will reach $30 given the Fibonacci predictions.

To reverse this bearish bias, the price needs to break through the resistance ranging from the $58 to $68 region.

2. Fundamental Analysis

- Earnings per Share
- Net income
- Free cash flow

These indicators appear to reverse a downtrend.
But given the dire scenario created by the fall of FTX, it may be too early to say that.

- Net worth
There were no big swings.

- Price to Earns Ratio
- Price to Cash Flow Ratio

From July 2022 until now, there has been an inability to generate a profit.
Ditto for the previous comment, apparently it is reversing a downtrend.
Opportunity? I don't know...
I won't know for sure until the indicator crosses the zero line and the company actually makes a profit.

Speaking of the crypto market, it is also important to analyze the results of other companies in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, which are also publishing their results.
They are companies like Marathon , Riot, Hut, Core, Nile , among others.
By the way, the results that have come out so far don't look good.

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