COIN ://Da Trojan Horse 4 tradional finance...

FTX:COINUSD   Coinbase / USD
even if she drop'd to 50 bucks i would buy all i could. doubt this and feel like the bottom is 380 to 320 worst case 250 ish maybe 220. everyone is in wait n see but i would bet that there are more small positions with traditional traders etc than normal. what i mean is even the most die hard anti crypto guy even has a secret small position of COIN.., every one is waiting to see thats the problem but the interest and speculation is thro the roof. the hype is there but every one is on edge. we need the markets to hang in there and let every one settle down n buy this dip

sryy for the quick ramble i just dont want to understate the importance of this COIN situation_ lol funny its come down to coinbase to push us into the first steps of mass adoption_ for those like us who really cant stand coinbase but respect their pump n hustle this is nothing but an ironic twist of fate _we are all openly or not , def rooting for COIN