NASDAQ:CRON   Cronos Group Inc. Common Share
Crypto Crusader here with an extremely speculative pick, a weed stock, to be exact Cronos Group .

I don't have the time to discuss a more detailed analysis, but I'll post this chart to explain my thinking regarding technicals.
In regards to fundamentals, Altria (the maker of Marlboro) owns just under 50% of Cronos Group . You have to wonder, the maker of the worlds most popular cigarettes (regardless of tobacco being an addictive substance) must have a top notch marketing team behind them. They have billions of dollars, and it's in their best interest to see their investments profit. I'm sure they have a plan for Cronos. This is going to be almost purely speculative as a short / medium term investment, I would expect 50%+- swings in either direction. My entry was around $7.5, lets see how high this stonnkk can go!

May the trading God's be in your favor!

Crypto Crusader