CROX with the flag breakout. Love to see it. MACD Positive.

NASDAQ:CROX   Crocs, Inc
I must admit, at first Crocs disgusted me.

But then one night, I fell out of my bed and landed on a pair of Crocs .
My feet have never felt so free before.
It was bliss .

I was like "Woah, I want all of it".

So I pulled up the $CROX chart and was like, "Wow, it is up here. I'm late to the game".
Then, today, I see it break out of flag consolidation and it happened. My brian short-circuited and bought calls on this breakout.

I haven't done any fundamental analysis , I haven't crunched numbers, I haven't dissected any balance sheet .
But, Market Cap is currently at ~$7.34 billion buckaroos. And $NKE is currently at ~$208 billion buckaroos.
So, I feel $CROX has room to grow... Selling overpriced foam to people. It even got me hooked as a customer.

On top of the breakout, MACD has also turned positive-o on the Daily. So, all in all bullish .

What can I say? I like the shoes, I like the stock.