LONG Gap fill idea

NASDAQ:CRUS   Cirrus Logic, Inc
CRUS along with many other semiconductor companies has been in a slump from the highs over the past couple months. As we see other semiconductor stocks such as AMD , TSM rebounding with the money that is rotating back into the tech space, we should see CRUS make a strong move to follow the sector.

TECHNICAL Analysis: The main things I see are RSI Creeping back up over 50 on the daily timeframe coupled with a squeeze momentum shift to the upside as the Bollinger bands move back outside the Keltner channels Volume profile tells us that this is a historic area of volume and it will likely hold unless some bad news hits the market or semiconductors.

FUNDAMENTAL Analysis: With companies like NVDA reporting blowout earnings I think it is plausible that many other semiconductor companies are raking in the cash right now as prices for semiconductors have skyrocketed across the board. This type of environment is a great opportunity for semiconductor companies to jack up prices and they know that whatever they produce will likely be purchased very fast. The one common discrepancy across most businesses right now is the labor shortage, If the labor shortage and price of labor increasing continues, CRUS may be unable to hire enough work to meet demand, this could significantly cut into their profits.
BIDEN Infrastructure plan: CRUS may be a candidate to receive money to start producing fabricators in the US should they want to do so. If they receive money from the government to do so this could mean a major jump in stock price, however it is unlikely.