CRV Up 13.70% from Preliminary

CRV has netted me 13.70% in gains in 24 hrs . This is from a 2.87 preliminary entrance I took on 9/15. And I believe there's still more to come!
Prognosis: I have the .618 Fibonacci as a potential target and I expect retests of the 1.272% support level on the way up.

*Professional Wyckoffian VSA crypto swing trader (since 2017). I regularly seek out the most lucrative swings on all the major exchanges.
All my charts are clean, straightforward, and easy to follow. No junk, no needless indicators, just solid volume spread analysis ( VSA ) and 'take-the-money-and-run' Fibonacci target zones.
I go after the runners and big money. My win rates are between 80-85%. Follow me on TradingView and see for yourself.
I review over 300 coins & tokens daily and handpick all the runners myself (no bot signals).

** Not financial advice. Trade at your own risk.

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