Ladies and gentlemen ,CVC is ready for some action

BITTREX:CVCBTC   Civic / Bitcoin
Civic has been dormant for some quite a while now .Fear not . our waiting shall be rewarded with rain of profits that will wash away all the losses that we have suffered throughout the way .
We need an volume conformation

My short/mid term target is around 0.00014 btc . Mark my word cvc will see some action this month .

May the cloud of profits release it rain.upon us
Amen to that

I wish to us all goodluck
I will update this post regulary

Comment: We are close guys ,The pattern is nearly compleet , Awaiting breakout.
Comment: I think I have spotted a breakout
The the macd is pointing upward ,
Volume oscillator also pointing upwards.
So can I say the bull run for civic is coming ,no yet , we need an convincy breakout.If civic hits 0.00003500 btc we know the bull run is coming , so I will you update very soon ,Hopefully I have good news for you then
Comment: I think this one is a breakout

If so after a minor correction next target would be around 0.00003600 btc
I will keep you updated
Comment: Phuhh civic is not yet ready for some action , it now make complex correction
Comment: It's following nicely the the wxzy pattern
it's about half way
Comment: Good for use it not a damwn wxyz correction,the breakout occured just later than expected

My first target is around 6000 sats .
No we wait and see
until next time
Comment: We are close guys , to reach the first target .
next target is around 0.00008500 btc.
Exciting times ahead for us .
the mac is also very bullsih on daily scale it's punt upwards
Comment: We're going strong
hold on to your damn civic
Comment: Finally ,civic made some serious move were not done yet
my first target has been reached 6000 sats
my first succesfull trade
next target 9000 sats

Comment: I will do a follow up trade on this stay tuned,I haven't abondon civic yet ;)


Bruh , the whole market is fucked right now , let's be patient and wait for the best
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@Badrs7, Bad times I know , you know I hate the fucking word called patient ,gosh this market is driving me crazy but I will hold on ,I won't sell my precious cvc cheaply . I am going to take couple of weeks rest . I hope by then the bearmarket is erradicated .I hopefully we will congratulate each each other with the nice profit we have been . See you then
@Badrs7 ,@whiskey4
mark my words lmao
Sir_DURZO whiskey4
@whiskey4, Sorry ,my excitement got the better of me.Hopefully we will hear some really good news from civic and the cryptocurrency market in generally
whiskey4 Sir_DURZO
@Sir_DURZO, yea i hope. i could see prices move sideways from falling wedges too boring market eh
whiskey4 whiskey4
@whiskey4, but compared to the stock market, the market cycles here are wayyyy faster to complete so I'll wait and stay around for the insane gains lmao. what amazon took how long to get that high 15 years?
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