DASH is going parabolic very soon ! Possible retest of ATH

DASH is following a very similar structure that XRP followed back in 2020.

In both structures ,after the initial rise ,there was a backtest of the breakout level followed by the breakout where in both structures there was a distribution phase before the capitulation and after the bottom was set in ,there was a backtest near the bottom.
In both structures ,the bottom in wave 4 was set on top of the high made in wave 1.
In XRP wave 5 target was measured by using the 4.236 extension using the top and bottom of the correction.
Here in case of DASH ,4.236 lies near 1700usd which is close to its 2017 All time highs.

Using the rally prior to BTC's capitulation ,DASH extends to about 3500USD.
It makes logical sense for dash to get some sort of rejection at its previous ath before its rally to 3500usd.