Long Term Dash Projections- Long Term Breakout in Progress.

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Dash analysis

Beautiful longterm growth chart with DASH shows a significant breakout in progress as the wRSI(18) lines up exactly with the move during the last cycle and a break of the diagonal downtrend resistance.

We also see a bullish divergence between our price and momentum oscillator as it created a higher low on wRSI and a lower low on price.

Monthly b bands have pulled back together as well.

In the near term I would expect the first pullback as price moves towards the 200wEMA. Being above the wEMA ribbon we should have solid support as it regains bullishness. Sideways movement here can also fulfill the required time and accumulation necessary to move higher.

Other volume indicators like OBV and Accumulation/ Dist are basically flat.

Slow growth will be followed by an explosive parabolic move towards the $5-6K range if the pattern plays out the same. Long term traders and investors, buy on pullbacks and look for exponential growth some time in late 2021.

-Rob D Swinging Crypto
Comment: continuing to squeeze down into this wedge. Time to accumulate Dash under $100 is running out and it's recently at a discount.

Comment: No need to panic yet, a similar move presented itself during the last cycle. Until this breaks, it's still in play.

Comment: DASH looking really close. This is definitely a good time to load up and bring your average down IMO. Old cycle 55 weekly MA vs the new cycle 55 weekly MA.

Comment: Hopefully you all loaded up at 68 like I said in the last update. we've broken over important barriers. Lets see if Dash makes an attempt at touching the upper monthly b band.

Mid monthly b band will act as major support.
Comment: $100 will be primary horizontal support.
$90 will be the major monthly mid b band support
Comment: We got as low as $87 so hopefully you bought that dip on dash. We're still struggling witht the 200wEMA but we should be able to break above in the coming weeks. Took a while for this to play out but it basically held to perfection.

Comment: and heres the touch on the monthly mid b band we talked about.

Comment: last couple weeks have been some sideways accumulation. the wEMA ribbon has flipped bullish this will typically come with a retest but doesn't always. If it does buy the dip one last time into the high 80s low 90s and ride the wave up. the 200wEMA has been a problem for a good amount of time. This will come will either a small correction to the EMA ribbon or an explosive move upwards. Be prepared either way.

Comment: January 15th Bittrex will be delisting Dash. Price has dumped roughly 10% off this news. I will update with more information as I hear.
Comment: Dash still appears to be following the previous pattern to near perfection despite the recent news of a Bittrex delisting. After diving further into the news I found that the Dash volume being done on Bittrex is less than .2% of its daily volume. Until this pattern breaks I'm still bullish on Dash.

Comment: It's been a while since we've updated this. Roughly 3x later and things are looking great. We can see in the past that we've had a period of consolidation around the green horizontal line also marked by the RSI level. I personally believe it's too long to continue this pattern and Dash will begin to head towards the red line and new ATHs. The only thing that pushes this sideways is a prolonged bull cycle for Bitcoin.

Comment: Not a ton going on with Dash over the past month. Still setting up nicely and working through some of this range from 2017. The quarter ends in 2.5 weeks so I'll update again on April 1st. We're still sitting on nearly a 3x from the point of entry and nothing is leading me to believe Dash is even close to being done.


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