ECT paving the way for DASH to $5600

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I love finding leaders and lagers and this seems like a perfect example. Its easy to see the similarities in these charts- they're not exactly the same but wow are they close. The last time I noticed something like this BTC had just hit 20k while ETH was still at $500 (see below). Just like BTC was leading the way then; it looks like ECT might be leading DASH (& others) now. The ball's in your court.

There are a few way to tackle this trade;
Entry 1: here $125 - $131
Stop 1: tight $124.5 or loose $120 depending on how aggressive you want to be

Entry 2: on retest of breakout
Stop 2: below the retest pivot

Entry 3: on a test of the lower trend line
Stop 3: below the pivot at the trend line or on the break and close below trend line

Entry 4: on retest of breakout
Stop 4: below the retest pivot

Target for all of the above at your own discretion. I'm treating this as an entry for a longer term position; so I'm holding it for much higher prices.

Trade ideas:

BTC leading ETH:

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Comment: I love that I can't edit my posts later when I see a typo 😂 😂 damn. ETC not ECT!