Trade Reviews -My recent positions - Entry/Exits + Analysis

BATS:DE   Deere & Company
This is a run through of the predominantly swing trades i've taken in the past few weeks and mostly today.

These are all based off of my analysis (I try and post as many videos as I can to prepare you all to take these trades) but obviously I'm limited.

This may be helpful to anyone who's been watching my videos to get a better feel for what I look for in a trade entry and how I prepare an entry and exit (and of course, tight stop-loss). The best part about how I trade is the ability to take really tight stop losses - I'll know very quickly if an algorithm isn't activating and can swiftly exit the trade for minimal loss - and as you'll see, because of that, my pre-trade R:R are excellent.

Win Big, Lose Small!

Happy Trading :)

(Let me know if this was helpful and I'd be happy to do this type of video more often)

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