DENT/BTC - Falling wedge, bullish setup and 150% upside

DENT haven't been the most interesting coin for the last couple months, but it's finally starting to show some bullish potential again. It's setup is a big falling wedge coming from back in august 2018, closing soon.

DENT recently dropped to a new ATL at 22sats, and is at the time of writing trading in the 22-23sats range. Orange boxes are different targets to the upside which will act as take-profit levels. The top one is +150. It's recommended to move your SL to entry price + 1sats once TP 1 has been hit.

I'm entering DENT limit at 21 and 23 sats , waiting to sell at the marked levels. SL @ 18sats.

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Comment: We dipped inside the green zone I called and you should have been filled if you had your orders ready. We are so far up 24%! With more room to grow. It's not a bad idea to take some profits around here as we're getting close to the top of the wedge, and place your SL at break even. Just in case it decides to take one more dip inside the wedge before rallying out of it!