DFI/USDT (4HR) Altcoin Gem Explosive Gains Inbound

KUCOIN:DFIUSDT   DeFiChain / Tether
REMARKS: Been watching this coin for the past couple of weeks ever since soft staking rewards (~40%) were enabled in pool-x accounts. Initial research/investigation in and I was pleasantly surprised to find a well rounded solid fundamentals up and coming promising DEFI project. I've made it a point to collect almost every single POS pool-x staking rewards coin available on Kucoin and I was beyond happy to stumble upon this little gem. When it was first enabled/announced for the ~40% staking rewards, I believe this moment in time was overshadowed by the broader altcoin season and full market rebound post last months super heavy correction, and as a result this one has remained relatively unnoticed. All of that to say, I believe this is about to change starting tomorrow and the beginning of a week long trading and staking Kucoin contest for DFI . Having studied/participated/observed similar trading/staking contests IDEA and HYDRA , I would suspect that with the broader body of awareness around DFI and the contest, that we should expect significant price action movements up for DFI in the near term. Modeling from the most recent waves of HYDRA contests and the staking component of it, I noted that early on, day 1, a massive buy in to the coin occurred and the new highs set by this activity were sustained throughout the duration of the contest.

- 6am-8am CST Hot Bull Trading (5%-15% Gain)
- 1045am-230pm CST Lunch Time Lull Pullback (5% Loss)
- 3pm-530pm CST Asian Market Wakeup (5%-10% Gain)
- 10pm-1130pm CST After Hours Run (5% Gain)

- 6am-8am CST Hot Dump on Your Chest Trading (5%-15% Loss)
- 1045am-230pm CST Lunch Time Lull Buying of Morning Dips (0%-5% Gain)
- 3pm-530pm CST Asian Market Wakeup Oh Fuck We Selling? (5%-10% Loss)
- 10pm-1130pm CST After Hours Is it Safe Yet Buying of Afternoon Dips (0%-5% Gain)




REFERENCE: Total Market Cap - The Case for Alt Season & Potential May Pullback Dates