Distell looking it still some legs

Distell is arguably one of my luckiest and best trades so far. Bought my first lot at 7250c. The stock has since been trending nicely up. I recently added to the trade when the 30w EMA finally crossed the 60w EMA . There’s a nice bullish flag on the daily chart as well. Looking to add to my position when the stock breaks the 12000c resistance. That would mean the stock moves to a higher 12000c - 13350c box. My last entry on the stock was at 12123c when it broke from a bullish flag . My current stop-loss is at 10629c. I’m looking for a 3% break above 12000. If it closes above 12300c I’m going to add to my position and move my stop-loss order to 10900c

Trade Summary 3 March 2021
Average entry: 10612c
Position size: 12.9
Stop loss: 10629c
Risk: +219c
Risk%: 0.03%