05 Sept. 2016 - Dow Jones Index - Forecast for coming weeks

DJ:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
Dow Jones index has broken the previous high 9 weeks ago, and for the last two months index has been moving side way, a sigh of sell off high stock in high price level - the longer the range, the deeper the drop, once the sell begins.
But Elites won't be too obvious so that the world could jump in and take that piece of pie. Therefore, High and sharp movement should begins in later this month of Sept. to early Oct. towards the middle two weeks in Oct. is when one should be alert and watch out for that strong red engulfing candle of touch with no return.

AT the mean time, I expect index to climb towards the resist zone in the chart until that exciting day comes.

Here are my previous two months forecast of Dow Jones Index, check it out if you have time. :)
Comment: This retreat was shared back in 13 July 2016 in my Investment Website.