district0x DNT High roller ;)

What problem does district0x solve?
The district0x network solves a number of coordination issues and inefficiencies commonly found within distributed community marketplaces. This is accomplished by providing tools that can better align incentives and decision making among the market participants themselves. The end goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that can flourish without the need for a central authority.

What is d0xINFRA?
d0xINFRA is a standard open-source framework comprised of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries. With the development of Name Bazaar and Meme Factory, the district0x team is building the initial iteration of d0xINFRA, which will allow other development teams to launch their very own district.

Uses for a case study for district0x DNT High roller
Points of interest.

If it goes to 0.00988 then you gain around %40 on the low end and on the high end %80, I don’t know how liquid it is if there is a rally.

It's on the coin base PRO, and that’s that.

$200 bucks will move the market and make you feel like a boss.

High roller your money is going in the toilet or it can go back up to 0.39 which means +%6000.

A low all-time high of 0.39.

This could be the last time it rally’s or there is a use case and that’s why coin base has held it they are a Nuance at coin base.

I am not a financial advisor.

I can only assure you I am 100%, not a financial advisor.