Predicting the future of DNT

DNT has been on a steady rise for the past few months. As of today, DNT may retrace to the high 20's before a large run in the next 48 hours. I've been trading 15 years and seen this exact pattern so many times, I can pretty much see it in my sleep.

Buying opportunity around .295 to guarantee fill. after that leg down we will see a 2X rise, leading into the coming weeks of potentially $2 before a major retracement below $1.

NOTE: This is not investment advice. I like the coin.
Hope everyone got filled at .295 up we go...
Trade active:
Continuation of the break out should continue to the upside to the .325 range, two things will occur here, we will back test .30 or we will continue to run. If we continue to run, we will see .45+ in less than 24 hours.
As seen today, more opportunity to buy. With the large downside this morning, it was predicted if you look at my ETH prediction chart. What I did not take into account is how similar ETH and DNT move, I expected more volume in my analysis thus a divergence on downside but never the less, The upside looks healthy and still in play if we can push upward above the .30 range in the next 24 hours. In accordance with ETH this is the case and we are still bullish, thus we will see more upside albeit maybe not as violently as I expected. Same targets, possible an additional day or so to reach.
Looking for major upside EOW.