$DOCS is giving a GREAT IPO LONG opportunity today

NYSE:DOCS   Doximity, Inc
IPO intraday trading strategy idea

Doximity is a medical-networking platform that allows doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to socialize, conduct telehealth visits, send secure patient-related messages and digital faxes, look for jobs, read medical news and more.

The share price is rising and gonna continue this trend today.

The demand for shares of the company still looks higher than the supply.

These and other conditions can cause a rise in the share price today.

So I opened a long position from $42.63;
stop-loss — $38.80;
take-profit — $54.12/MOC price.

Do not view this idea as a recommendation for trading or investing. It is published only to introduce my own vision.
Always do your own analysis before making deals. When you use any materials, do not rely on blind trust.
You should remember that isolated deals do not give systematic profit, so trade/invest using a developed strategy.

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Thanks! How did you specify the price target of $54 without having the price action on wave 1?
@Emad93, I use x3 true range for tagret