DOGE Trading Advice

POLONIEX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
Buy Price: Yellow Line
TP: Green Lines
SL: Red Line
Invest Suggestion: 5-10 Percent
Profit Expectations: 5, 10 or >20 Percent

Just hold and watch. All targets will be reached within 24 to 72 hours as my prediction. But it's recommended to hold it for 6-7 days if any target not reached. Sell when you got some profit. I am sure, you will be get nice profit. Good Luck!

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Addresses for donation as requested.

Bitcoin: 1JFwxRyLmMXp4RGrPC22k5rsWyfzkwh1M5

Ethereum: 0x9D861961FCF0fC9b86083dF50E60E28AD06F8B1D

1- qzh7kam666qavalhjz3zcd9amaz7kjt0wgz4wzwxe8
2- 1H3BL5uzEhrG2fM2WdDEhbwDgoeV9NEmB5

BitcoinCash has 2 address formats. Not all wallets supports both formats.


I recommend to donate via Stellar . Because it has lowest fee on almost all exchanges. It's my favorite coin for sending funds between exchanges.

Litecoin: LNJ4f9FHw8Hqnc8hFtBRkWDARFxxB2yrBk

You can donate with almost any other coin. Please ask me for address.

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Trade closed: stop reached


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