possible bullish reversal in buy zone

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several touches of the yellow down trend line suggest next touch should break up.

Very bullish the second touch of the red line didnt break, and was bought up quickly.

I expect price to break out past the yellow, briefly test the green trend line , before running out to retest the ATH @ 8.9

It probably will bounce off the ATH , which might have good entry opportunities before breaking ATH and going into price discovery .

This climb could be a fast one
Comment: Fib extension targets remain the same.....

1.618 @ 13 cents
2.618 @ 20 cents
Comment: H&S invalidated from the double test. Looks like we will channel out, and consolidate volatility before break up through the yellow line and not down too far past the red line.
Comment: The break out from the yellow line has been weak. We have managed to bounce off it, but now we are looking to break the Red trend line, which should signal a larger dump.

It might be a good thing to break the red line. We are due for a correction. I would like to see the red line break, channel out and consolidate before making another big run to 12 cents and beyond.