My take on polkadot

3 Moving averages

Blue 2 MA
Yellow 7 MA
Maroon 15 MA

15 MA has acted as support and if it breaks we might see DOT at 23 but if it doesn't then i am sure it will be above 28.
Comment: Or you can look at 26 Jan 2021 to know what i am trying to deliver here, history might repeat itself?
Comment: We following Orange line, touched $23 twice
Comment: After touching $23 we are now heading towards our resistance which i am sure will take a week to break max.
Comment: resistance broker yesterday (wasnt expecting tbh) but if todays candle closes above 30 i am seeing bullish trend on DOT
Comment: We are above 30 since 2 days which is a good signal. Now a rough estimate to break this level will be within 2 weeks. But i am sure we are going to see big gains within 1 week.
Comment: Strong resistance at 33 but will be break soon as the market trend is quite bullish. Also have touched 29 only once since 2 days ago since then we are facing strong bulls at 31.5. Lets see whats ahead!