Polkadot Price Analysis with Buy areas

KUCOIN:DOTUSDT   Polkadot / Tether
Welcome back to yet another technical analysis on a cryptocurrency.
In this analysis, I will look at the price of Polkadot, using EMA's, trendlines , fibonacci retracement and key levels.

I assume all cryptocurrencies to be bullish still for a month or two and after that I am not sure how it will go after that.

This analysis might seem a little overwhelming at first, but the only interesting thing for you are the coloured boxes. The green boxes are buy areas, where the upper one if more of a hold area and the longer one's are more daytrades, but also less risky hold areas.

The purple areas are break retest opportunities, where price has to break through it first and then I think they will act as support.

It is very important to understand that these boxes can only be used when price actually hits them in the chart and that they are therefore limited to a certain timeframe in the future. Always make sure to do your own analysis too!