KUCOIN:DOTUSDT   Polkadot / Tether
Dot has now finished its pull back in pull back hour (8-10 am)
key take away is that the 904m(15hr) chart has now formed a swing low at a bull test area and has stayed above this zone (pink line)
the london sessioned opend bearish and reversed at 5:00 am ( key reversal/ pullback continuation hour for london )
on the 6hr chart u can see a finall position build or low at prev bullish open showing signs that price has allowed enough buyers to get in and move markets
also giving time for "them" to either close or hedge positions
note any time you can see a wick at an prev open in a given trend this strong continuation pattern the thing you want to see is price push down into open and move away quickly things
we can see this on both the 3h and 6hr chart