DOYU Alert Update | 65% Profit Gain

NASDAQ:DOYU   DouYu International Holdings Limited
$DOYU - DouYu International Holdings Limited - American Depositary Shares
Initial Alert Price: $11.17
Price High: $18.47
% Gains/Losses: 65.35%
(+38.95% More Than Expected)
Potential Stop Loss: $17.5465

DOYU broke out to $18.47 on pure momentum without any explanation from the company as to why, providing a 65.35% Return of Investments from our Initial Trade Alert from Jan. 8th, 2021 when the stock was still at $11.17. We caught the trade and were able to sell the stock for 54.25% before the end of the day. We would keep a close eye on this going into tomorrow's pre-market/market open sessions to determine if this is going to retrace to or below the 50% Levels of the Fibonacci Retracement Analysis or if it can find some strong support at these levels to continue pushing forward and retest those $18.47 Price Levels of Resistance going into tomorrow. #Breakout #Stocks #Trading #Investing #Alerts #StockMarket #Daily #News #Today