DRRX best Penny stocks for March

The next one the next one is some of you pro bably remembered DRRX , these stocks for folks who are serious and want to trade price action and the truth is that as traitors we really couldn't careless we don't give a hoot about what happens to a dog after we take our price friend after me repeat after me who cares if it's be down afterwards am I right just fell out and validation and we don't even need it to be a good company we just need people to think that is a good company so we can exploit the opportunity of the run-up to the big spike the last fight for small in comparison but the last year was on an announcement that they had issued which will eventually culminating in a new approval date we are waiting for an announcement on a date or really needs to drop us to trade the price Trading quite low I just making sure that were getting any good deal or continuing to be a good day before you actually take your entry point that very important