DXY trapped within the 96.00-97.00 area !!!

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Us dollar index is currently trading around the 96.70 area where it found significant resistance. We can see the index to form an M on the Daily, 4hr & 15’’ timeframe . Next week expectation is for the index to test the 96.00 are again. It may reach the 97.00 psychological line before it reverse its current trend. If the trend fails to reverse on those two significant level we can expect the pair to test higher highs such as 97.50 and then 98.00 are to test the weekly trend line . Also 0.618 fib is around the 96.70 area, if it pass through that and the 97.00 area we can expect the bullish trend to continue.
Volatility within the next week is expected to be high a there significant USD news on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
Expectations for the upcoming year is to keep the index stable with a hawk policy.
Broadly speaking we expect the USD to remain well supported this year. This view stems not from a bullish outlook on the US economy but because of a souring of fundamentals behind other currencies."
"Currently, there is very little expectation priced into the market of tighter Federal Reserve policy this year. This sits fairly comfortably with our house view that the interest rate cycle has indeed peaked and that the US potentially faces a mild recession in 2020."