DXY Analysis Before The Election

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
I must stress the election is a binary event in regards to technical analysis , but I would like to point out what the chart levels to look out for are. First of all I will look at the mean value, this currently lies between 96. 40 and 97.60 & the extreme levels of the recent range is 100.43 high and 91.90 low. On a side note we are also seeing a bullish failure swing on the RSI indicator.

R5 100.43
R4 Upward internal trendline (24th August)
R3 98.96
R2 Downward trenline (3rd Dec)
R1 98.34
Current 97.63
S1 96.90
S2 96.41
S3 Downward internal trendline (3rd Dec)
S4 Upward trendline (3rd May)
S5 94.66

Kind regards

Rajan Dhall MSTA