DXY upward trend (next week overlook)

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
1. The bearish daily trend of the DXY broke at the 95.00 psychological line supported by the daily trendline
2. There is a nice w 4hr formation which is indicating a strong bullish run for the DXY
3. The downward trend is supported by the 800 EMA at 95.60
4. Next target for the DXY is 96.00 are, if it breaks through next area to see is the 200 EMA and the daily trendline at 96.30 where it can face potential reistance
5. Overall based on the technicals we can expect a bullish run for the DXY
**** Be aware that there is critical news on Tuesday about the US PPI if the news are in support with the bullish run DXY it can reach the are of 97.00 ****