TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
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Please have in your mind that this is my Intraday trading pre-plan.
It means that at least the conditions described below must be met for valid entry. My reaction will depend on how the price will arrive at the level and there I will be looking for a break of structure on M1 and pullback for entry which can occur or not. So please don't just blindly follow this. The FX market is a quickly changing environment and it requires full focus unfortunately I can't update the idea every 5 minutes. So take this only as an informative idea.

🟩 Trading TIme
Setups must occur at these times otherwise I'm not interested.
🔵London Killzone - LOKZ 02:00-05:00 NY time // 08:00-11:00 EU time
🟢New York Killzone - NYKZ - 07:00-10:00 NY time // 14:00 - 17:00 EU time

🟧Entry Scheme
Never enter blindly on the level. Always look for the break of the structure and pullback as the scheme shows.
Yes, sometimes the market will not pull back and you miss a trade that's the part of the game. But it's better not to be in the trade you want to be than,
being in the trade you don't want to be.

For the short trade, the scheme would be obviously an upside-down picture picture

🟦 Rules
-Skip the London session if the Asia session was trending
- Wait for manipulation at the session open, which enters HTF POI and takes out Buy-side liquidity/ Sell-side Liquidity
- Look at smart money divergence as the additional confluence
- Wait for Break of Structure ( M1 if in sync with trend / HTF BOS if counter-trend) + displacement/momentum shift M3 /M5 candle close for confirmation
- Figure out: where is your invalidation (SL) and FPOL (TP1) before entering your trade
- Enter short at pullback to first POI (FVG/ OTE /OB) above respective EQ ( discount ) of Return to origin area on lower timeframe
- Set SL above swing low of manipulation, as price already took LQ out it should not go there again.
- When the price moves 50% of the expected Target range, the stop loss can be trimmed by 25%
- When the price moves 75% of the expected range the stop loss can be trimmed to breakeven
- Never trade a POI that has liquidity resting above (short) or below (long),
- Don't enter when FPOL (for example swing low/high) has been hit before getting you into the position
- Never enter a trade right before news events.
- Don't try to predict the market, just take 1:3 RR on the level and get out.
- This is intraday trading but there is no trade every day.

Pick just the best setups. In theory, we have 2 pairs, 2 trading sessions 5 trading days in a week its 20 opportunities.
You don't need to trade them all. With 1:3 RR, making consistently 3 good trades in a week will put you into top 1% class of traders.

🟦Market Maker model Schematics

🟪Smart Money Divergence

The dollar index and USD pairs usually trade asymmetric, for example, DXY making higher highs will result in $EURUSD making lower lows and vice versa. When the price on one has lower lows, it is expected that the other should reach higher highs. When this does not occur, we have smart money Divergence. This is suggestive of major accumulation/consolidation in advance of a major move in the opposite direction.

This is just the basics of my strategy, but enough for you to know what to do on the levels.


1 ) “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
- Inspired by elements of Market Profile, ICT, and SupplyandDemands strategies I adapted what is useful, rejected useless and added specifically my own parts.

2) “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.“
- The quote above teaches us about mastery. You don't need to know 5 strategies, tenths of formations, or have 20 pairs on the watchlist. Learn 1 setup pick up 2 pairs and practice them 10 000 times, and become a specialist.

If you have any questions write a comment I'm happy to help

Good luck

Dave FX Hunter


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