DXY to test 99.19 (last dance)

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
40 /60% on this make up.

40% of me thinks we test 99,19 with a last dance type of rally

60% of me thinks we are f*cked in the US and the recession is OTW by July 4, 2020.

we can win on both sides however with a 99.19 test THEN the plummet.

DXY has been bought by all 4 session today as the last 2 4HR candles end bullish .

NFP is tomorrow as well to make matters sticky.

Tomorrow is first day EU banks will be open in since Friday of May 29.

Safe trading!
Comment: Looks like we are heading for 96 or lower... IDK what will pump the dollar but all the internal chaos going on + looming phase 2 of COVID does not brew well for DXY.
Comment: Bounced off 96 and headed back up to possibly test 97.88 the 618 fib level.. I think Tuesday-Wednesday of next week will tell the either continuing direction or a fail test and a shot at sub 96