TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Dear traders and followers,

I don’t want to say so much about the current dollar chart. The most important is already noted in the chart.

The next few weeks will be decisive whether the entire crypto market moves into the next wave of upswing or whether a major correction is imminent.
I do not make a prediction but react as soon as the chart gives a clear signal.

For my part, I have sold a large part of my coins and expect a correction. The US economy is growing and stabilizing again.
I believe that this will lead to an increase in interest rates in the United States in the near future, and that would put a lot of money into the dollar.

I am open for counter-arguments :)
Comment: US Inflation bigger than expected
forecast was 3,6 % and the inflation is at 4.2 %

US 10 year treasury bond has seen some strong growth today. This will flip
money from all major markets into bonds

DXY charts looks like a reversal is incoming but we need to see how the weekly candle close this week

Comment: US 10 year bonds on weekly chart. A close above the red 200 D MA will push the market to 2.00 area which is not good for other major assets like stocks and crypto

Comment: A close above the down trend line would be a buy signal for this chart. Lets see how the market close today

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