DXY. P-Modeling Pt Z. The Rare Cycle of Hyperinflation on DXY

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Welcome Hyperspace Traveler,
I am your travel guide. Glitch420.

This is a Time-Series analysis.
One Week Time-Frame
Trial One ended in failure- -->
See previous snapshots to see how and why I called it incorrectly. Press play to see what unfolded. I traded forex heavily based on the assumption of a rising US dollar caught in a ultra rare hyperinflation cycle in short range wave functions. Despite the initial failure, the narrative has not changed. The fractals used are taken from the data between the times below.

This is start of Trial Two dedicated too Long Range prediction modeling based strictly on Harmonic String structure.

We are are on the cup of entering a new industrial revolution a period of extensive growth and prosperity for all. But in order to enter this period we must enter a period of utter darkness. The event will be known as the black swan, that lead into the Roaring 20's caused by the Cybernetic Era of Advancement; The Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Sit back.

and Enjoy.
Start. January 1986, structural data suggests a global harmonic .
Middle. October 13th, 2001. The Y2k Crash. : 2008 -2009. Economic Recession.

Ending Targets:
DXY 110. ---><----SPX 1100-1090.

by end of July 2021.

Welcome to the Paradigm Shift,
Comment: Time- Series Start:

Mid-Day January 27th, 2021.
DXY current price is 90.510

Ending Target Price 110 at Equalization Zone.

Time-Frame by July 2021.
Trade active: Please see the following PAIRED IDEA with DXY.

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